How to Write Dissertation Introduction Chapter

February 12, 2020
The important chapters of a dissertation are the literature review and the conclusion. But the introduction chapter is the most important as it serves as the gateway to the whole written work. The art of writing a dissertation introduction is the most important expertise for the students of all academic levels, especially at Masters or Ph.D. levels. For this purpose, you must be aware of the ingredients of the introduction chapter. The introduction chapter is the part where a reader can get answers to the main question. Secondly, despite making the research topic well known, you also have to provide supplementary information to help the reader to understand the topic.

The writer’s focus must be on the point that after having a glimpse of the introduction chapter, the reader must be able to understand what the dissertation is about, what case study is going to be studied in the paper, and the implementation of the arguments in the practical. So, the introduction chapter must clarify the hidden ambiguities and must help the reader to understand the pros and cons of the research topic.

Write your Thesis Statement:

As a basic step, the dissertation introduction chapter must comprise of the thesis statement. It is very important that through your thesis statement, you may impart a good understanding of your topic to your readers. The introduction is very formal and it provides exact information and certain key points such as thesis statement, research question, hypotheses and aims and objectives of the study. Keeping in view these points, the writer has to expose a lot of information within the very beginning paragraph. Here, you have to make aware the writer about the main theme, the research question, subject matter, research methodology, and the core argument. You may also want to explain your research perspective.

Thus the introduction might pave the way to the entire dissertation. It will serve as a guide for the reader to know about the other chapters of the research work. So, it can be said that the introduction generates the expectations of the reader. Make sure that at the end of the dissertation, you should be able to relate your whole work with the introduction. As the introduction is planned to interconnect the complete dissertation together, so it is written at the last stage of dissertation writing. The reason is that at the final stage, you may better understand the applied research methodologies and research findings.

The Formation:

The dissertation introduction can be written in several ways, but it mainly depends on the type of your research topic. You may start your introduction with a fascinating quotation or an intrepid declaration. The main purpose is to draw the attention of the reader from the very beginning of the write-up. You must keep in mind the point that at the end of reading your written work, the readers may not think of wasting their time and energies. So you have to try your level best to enhance their reading ability. For this, you have to keep a balance between the provided information and the interest of the reader by using flowery language.

Before starting the writing project, you must gather and shortlist all the information. Your style of writing will enable you to create an influential argument. As the introduction consists of a thesis statement, the research questions, an outline of concepts and research methodology, and the scope and significance of work, the main point to arrange all the relevant topics in a sequence.

Review your introduction:

The introduction chapter serves as the base for the remaining chapters and the arrangement of the whole dissertation writing. Here, you may not have to describe the detailed arguments, analyze data, or provide the information relevant to the main body of your dissertation. The introduction is to place up the thesis statement by providing background information to the readers to enable him/her to clearly understand the research objectives. Also, the introduction chapter should be brief and convincing. Generally, the introduction comprises 10% of the entire write up.

Want to Write a Dissertation Introduction?:

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