Difference Between Report and Essay

A report is an informative piece of writing that provides information about different events and analyses the results in a brief manner. In short, a report can be defined as, “this is what a researcher did and this is what it means”. The students may be assigned with the assignments or essay which are informative pieces of writing but they are not called reports by the academic personals.
Being a high school or a college student, the basic requirement of your academic life is writing different kinds of academic papers. Creative writing is the most common attribute for almost all students. Moreover, you are also required to know about writing term or research papers. For this purpose, you must be well aware of the different kinds of academic writing.
The best method to realize the basic factors of the report is to observe how they are different from essays in academic writing. If you are a student and are baffled about the difference between a report and an essay, then you must understand both types of academic writing. This problem is faced by many students at the college or university level. The misunderstanding arises as there are many similarities and differences between essay and report writing.
In this article, as an online Academic help provider, we will enable you to get rid of this bewilderment. So, at first, we will find out the similarities between essay and report writing.

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Similarities between essay and report writing:

Both essays and reports are written in almost the same prescribed academic style.

A keen understanding and knowledge are required for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Both the essay and the report is started with the introduction.

The topic of the essay and report is described in the main body.

The conclusion of both types of academic papers is written at the end.

Now have a look at the differences between an essay and report:

Essay writing:

In the academic world, the essay can be depicted as an academic paper that is written to explain, examine and assess a definite topic or problem. An essay can be used to demonstrate information, data and the writer’s thoughts can also be shared through essay writing.
The essay can be categorized in many kinds according to the title and your writing style. These types may be expressive, descriptive, confrontational, influential, expository or just simple piece of writing. An essay is considered as an assignment in which the writer may not have to follow the particular formatting of the essay. In general, an essay includes the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Furthermore, the type of essay writing is frequently used in the academic world and its topics are related to the specific subject or research area.
One of the most common kinds of writing is essay writing. Right from your elementary or high level, you are assigned the tasks of essay writing. At the initial stages, the essays are usually of short length not more than 500-1000 words. Later, the lengths of these essays are increased and they enable the teachers to judge the writing, researching and analyzing abilities of the students.

Types of Academic Essays:

In a formal academic system, essays have become very important. The tasks of essay writing enhance the writing abilities of the students. At the beginning stage, the students may have to write a 5 paragraph essay which comprises of introduction, objectives, 3 supporting or opposing paragraph and the conclusion. The students’ mental and writing abilities are analyzed based on their logic, consistency, and harmony in the written word.

Students have to write different kinds of essays which may include:

Academic essays

Expressive essays

Narrative essays

Proportional essays

Theoretical essays

Report writing:

So far as report writing is concerned, it is described as a document that is ordered and enables the students to define and analyze an explicit topic or issue. It is the type of academic paper that is mainly used to present data and information. A report can be written in many parts, sections, headings, and subheadings. The report should be written in the format and style that it can be easily understood and read by the readers.
Along with academics, you may have to write a report in your professional life: such as business and laboratory reports. In report writing, you are free to give recommendations and solutions to some particular problem. Graphs, charts, and tables can also be used in such assignment writing. During your academic life, your writing skills are of great importance.
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