How to write an essay – Essay Writing Tips

Introduction of essays

Writing an essay is not easy work as it requires you to be perfect in your writings, presentation of your work, grammar, choosing a good topic, and the knowledge. The way you write an essay can depict the fact that you are quite an expert in essay writing and the field about which you are writing about. The facts shared in the essay can show new pathways to your readers for learning new information.

Definition of essay

An essay can be considered as a piece of writing which focuses on a specific topic. While writing an essay, the writer remains in the boundaries of the topic and tries his/her best to provide his/her readers the unknown facts. Essays need its writers to be well-known about the topic. Writers mostly intend to create an atmosphere of an argument, a description based on evidence, examination, and understanding. They allow their reader to be curious about the given topic, making good use of their available knowledge and gaining more knowledge by reading the material.
While in middle school, high school, college, university, and workplace, you are always writing an essay to depict the fact that you are quite acknowledged about the topic.
Many literature professors believe that an essay is as a whole a definition which can lead you to explain about your given topic. But, as many people say that each word has a definition, there must be some short definition of essay.
In the English Dictionary, “a little section of writing that shows and modifies information as well as the thoughts of the writer on the given topic is called an essay.”

Essay Writing in middle and high schools

Even if you are known for essays and you have secured 10/10 marks in your 3-10 classes, it is not easy to write an essay without a discussion with your partner at the college level and so on. The essays written in middle schools are the lines that we learn by heart and then write the word to word. While in matriculation, you can add a few more lines to create a nice impression on your teacher. But, the lines which you add are not written as what your thoughts say. Instead, they are written as the lines which you created by using a wide range of words which you collected from the works of others. In short, the essays that you write depicts all the knowledge that you have been learning in your class.

But, in college, where the competition is much higher than middle school and high school, you are forced by your mind to write some words that are actually in your mind about the specific topic. If we make it easy, essays can allow you to collect knowledge and make good use out of it.

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Writing an essay

It is not that easy to write an essay as it is mostly thought. For many of us and, indeed, essays can easily be written by sitting in front of your computer and then start writing by collecting the knowledge. But, writing an essay is far more complex than your thoughts. If you want to write a successful and victorious essay, things can compile you from the start to the end. A lot of efforts need to be put into writing good essays as you have to be careful about the choice of topic, grammar, facts and details, the incidences, and at the last, the way of ending your essay.
Many people who have written essays in their high schools and colleges by collecting find it difficult to write an essay independently. Many factors can come as a barrier to you while you are writing an essay. Sometimes, you will feel that your introduction is not strong enough. Sometimes, you will notice that your grammar and writing style is difficult to be understood by others. On the other hand, you will feel that you are not good enough to be writing an essay. The first thing that is necessary for you is to be motivated enough to be writing an essay.
If you are facing struggles and problems in your essay writing and you want to make yourself good enough, it is very highly recommended that you should be following several important steps that can allow you to be persistent.
There are some pathways which can help you to write an essay:


  1. • Make your mind up on a type of essay that you want to write.
    • Think a lot about your topic.
    • Conduct informative research on your topic and read all about it.
    • Try to create a theory.
    • Summarize your information.


  2. • Write an essay


  3. • Re-read your essay to check any mistakes


Well, many writers do it.

While it feels a bit of burden that you have to first study and then write all about it, it is helpful. If you are good at collecting information, then summarizing it and writing a short piece, you are a good writer. If you follow these steps, you can easily be a writer that can force his/her readers to brainstorm about the knowledge you have shared.

Decide and choose the Type of Essay you have to write

In the beginning, you have to decide on which category of essay you have to write. Many people can say that after choosing a topic, you can write. But, you have to know about the type of essay you are writing because it can help you to be acknowledged that you have to stay within the boundaries. While you can think that choosing a type of essay is a bit more extra, it is not.
First, you have to know about the categories of the essay. There are at least four major categories in which essays can be divided.

Expository Essay Writing Tips

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Expository Essays force the writer to investigate and explore a plan, collect the required proofs, present a point of view, and start an argument with his/her readers on a specific topic. Expository Essays require a lot of knowledge as you are the one who has to win the argument. You have to know about all the available events happening in the limits of the topic. You have to create an atmosphere of arguments and make your readers to be surrounded by different proofs and events happening. You can easily write an expository essay by doing different methods, adding balance and difference, reason and result, and examples. If we conclude all these lines, we will see that an expository essay is a research paper.

If you want to study an expository essay, the famous one is the essay of Malcolm X; “Learning to Read”.

If you want to write a good expository essay, you have to follow a simple rule of POET

• P is for Purpose.
• is for Organization.
• E is for Evidence.
• T is for Thesis.

If you write an essay following these methods, you will be considered as a good essay writer

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay can easily be understood. It describes a topic. It describes what you want to describe. It can help you to write a lot about a specific object, place, person, or event. It can also explain emotions, experiences, and ideas. A descriptive essay of yours will allow your readers to think about the situation which you are writing about. They will be able to draw pictures of the event and the object.

If you want to write a descriptive essay, you must use all your five senses to see the things around you and write about it. It requires you to be creative.

Narrative Essays

Narrative Essays can be pretty easy to write. In narrative essays, you are more likely to narrate a story. They are told from a point of view of the author. You can easily write it on any topic. There is no need for information, facts, and true reality. Narrative Essay involves feelings, emotions, and experiences. They are often written in the life of the writer. Narrative Essay can include dialogues.

So, these are the highly famous categories of essays on which you can write. Choosing a category can help you as it can allow you to be persistent that what you are writing is full of facts writing, a description, or an experience. If you choose a category in which you have to write, you can easily be assured that you can write just in a topic.

Choosing a category can also help you when you are to write a specific thing that others don’t write. It can be any category but it must be based on your knowledge and creativity.


Even if you have chosen a category, you must choose what to write in that category. It is completely impossible to write an essay when you don’t even know what to write about. If you have ideas but you can’t give it any topic, your amazing ideas are useless. You can brainstorm about different topics in the latest world and can write about it. Just sit in a place and think about the topics on which you can write.

You can think about a topic by chasing the given ideas:

If you have ideas and you want to create an essay by using them, write them on a paper. When you have enough ideas, you can create a topic by using some of the words.

Or, you can use mind mapping to come up with a topic. You can write the idea of yours in the center of the paper, create a cloud around it and then simply write anything that you know about it.

The time when you have a list of the topics, you can choose the topic which you can describe the most, and then also you can create a good impression on your readers by writing a different topic.

Research your chosen topic

Let’s consider that you have chosen your category and your topic, you have to research your topic. You must do it as it will allow you to confirm that your facts are true or not. You can research by searching your relative information and also be reading the material that others have written. You have to search every point as it will increase the accuracy of your essay and also tell your readers the truth.

If you are writing about an event, it is highly recommended to write the essays after the completion of the event as many facts show them after the event and also provide your readers the inceptions and your thoughts on the event.
You must organize your research in order as it will be helpful to find.

Try to create a thesis

A thesis always presents the main idea of your essay. In many cases, it is only one sentence that can present the whole idea of your essay and also help your reader to understand your thoughts. Your thesis statement will more likely be presenting your whole essay in a sentence. You can write a thesis by knowing the main concept of your essay and presenting it in a single line.
These are some examples of thesis sentences. They can be helpful for you to create your thesis sentence.

Because many children are unable to vaccinate due to illness, we must require that all healthy and able children be vaccinated to have herd immunity.

Instead of writing; everyone should exercise. You can write; everyone should add exercise to their daily morning routine because it not only keeps their bodies at a healthy weight but also reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Instead of writing, high levels of alcohol consumption are bad for you. You can write; high levels of alcohol consumption have detrimental effects on your health, such as weight gain, heart disease, and liver complications.

You must have noticed in your daily life that many people ask you “why” in the return of your advice. When you say, the Internet has improved the lives of many. People will ask you how the internet has improved when I am using the internet and have not improved. They can ask you whether the Internet has improved the lives of everyone. The readers can read this sentence and then pass by but the people will not agree and ask you to provide the whole evidence and facts that why you said this sentence. It cannot be considered as a whole thesis sentence because it is not satisfying your hearers. The same sentence can be modified as; the internet serves as a means of expediently connecting people across the globe, fostering new friendships, and an exchange of ideas that wouldn’t have occurred before its inception.

It will allow you to satisfy the people and also make sure that you are quite acknowledged.

Outline your essay

Now, when you have every part of your essay, make sure that you don’t write everything available in the essay. Instead, you can calculate what the best is and then write it in your essay. You must make sure that your essay contains all the useful and helpful facts but don’t have extra things that can bore your readers.
You must not jumble all the ideas in one paragraph but make paragraphs to point out all the important facts to write about it.

Essay Writing Process

When you have everything, write all about it. You must write it in a sequence, the thesis, and the outlines and make it the best essay. You must be writing your essay in harmony but don’t forget to make it light by using some words of daily life. Don’t make your essay too business-related and don’t make it too much light that the people don’t even consider it as an essay. Keep a balance and don’t make your reader deny reading from the beginning or middle.

Make sure every single point flows like water in a clean river. Make it easy for your readers to read it and then talk about it to their friends.

Re-read your essay

If you have written everything and you are done with it, don’t forget to read it. Become a reader and then check every point if you have made any mistake. Check grammar and spelling. These will affect your essay if they have any mistakes. The punctuation should be correct and you should not use vulgar words in your essay as it will make your reader feel bad. Make sure the words that you have used are easy to be understood by everyone and that they don’t require a Ph.D. Degree to be understood. Don’t use such words that are difficult for some of your readers to be read.

As you have done everything, tell your older relatives to read it and ask their review on it. If any of them point out something, make sure not to include it in your next essays. The review of your essay will be able to tell you your mistakes and then, make it correct.

Don’t forget to read your essay by yourself.

Essay writing can be pretty easy if you are a reader and a writer at the same time. You have to be creative to write essays.

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