How to improve speaking skill of second language learners

Speech is the possession of man that distinguishes him from animals. Language is speech. So language is human faculty that gives him the title of noble creature. When we talk about speech, the words of listening and speaking come to our mind. Speaking skills can be improved through practice and everyone can be a good speaker.

Actually speaking is indebted to listening, as no one can produce sounds, letters or words until he listens to them. Therefore listening is primary to speaking and it requires full attention on the part of the listener. If a person is a good listener he can be a good speaker as well.

Another factor that helps in developing speaking skill is society where communications take place. When a person is provided with the chance to communicate in practical situations, he is more likely to enhance his speaking skill.

In so for as the improvement of speaking skill of second or target language is concerned, it also needs same state of affairs. But the question arises how can we get the suitable communicating environment? At this stage you should not consider hiring any cheap dissertation writing service at all. To impart fluent speaking of target language among students’ teachers should provide the learners with practical communicating situations where learners may get a chance to communicate.

First of all the teachers should make short questions whose answers may consist of single words or sentences. This will help the learners to make short statements in target language. Then the learners should be brought to a bit complex activity where they should be asked to describe the things they see or experience. This technique includes real life situations other than the bookish world.

In the beginning mistakes should be ignored so that learners may get confidence to make communications in target language. This will help the students to take a start of speaking in target language. To build the confidence of learners they should be asked to speak the target language only, right or wrong. There is no requirement of accuracy from them. This will alleviate their concern about being wrong. They should be advised to communicate in target language more and more, try to speak the target language and try to think in the target language. Then students should be invited to dice to express their ideas about abstract things.

They should be asked to use target language only. During this activity teacher should provide the learners with supplementary words or phrases where the students seem to be finding difficulty in expressing themselves.

Keep in mind that in language classroom teacher should play a role of facilitator, he is expected to motivate the students for using the target language in real life situations. He should manage to provide the learners with appropriate material for improving their listening skill so that they may get correct pronunciation and get ready for speaking. Teacher can use videos, songs, dramas and movies in target language for this purpose. He should try to make the classroom environment attractive and interesting for the learners so that the learners may enjoy their learning in a healthy environment.

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