How to write an assignment?

In colleges, many of the students are in a problem due to the burden of writing assignments. Although, assignments don’t need any type of extra work rather than the books, it can create a lot of problems as the assignments require some creativity to cut some work and then collect some important points in the assignment paper. Mostly, assignments can be of the same topic as they are in the books. So, students think of what to cut from the information provided in the books and then, add what they have learned from the previous classes. So, it requires quite a bit of knowledge about the cut and paste. In colleges, often some assignments are given to the students and they have to choose their topic to write an assignment. This can be quite difficult for the students as they have to brainstorm a lot. Assignments can be pretty easy as well too as they don’t have any requirements of research work and mostly involve the previous and the present knowledge. In short, assignments can be difficult and easy at the same time.

What is an assignment

According to Merriam Webster, an assignment means; “the act of assigning something” or “a specified task or amount of work assigned or undertaken as if assigned by authority”.
An assignment is always assigned from the superior to the junior to test the knowledge. What superior can be your teacher, tutor, or your department head? He/She can assign you any topic and you can write about it. The topics are usually given but, in some cases, you have to choose a topic for yourself according to the recent studies or work. Assignments are usually given in colleges or at the workplace.
An assignment can also be defined as, “it is the transfer of rights or duty from one person to the other for the sake of work and benefits.”

What is the purpose of the assignments

According to Risk, “one of the most important purposes of assignments is to teach the students the way of study”.
When we talk about teaching, assignments are very important for the sake of education and it can lead the students to gain good grades. Many students find the assignment as extra work but assignments can help the students to develop the ability of self-study and also clear their confusion regarding any topic of any subject.
If your teacher is asking you to write an independent assignment, you may be asking you to:

o Convey your ideas and thoughts in any way as to show about your range of study
o Add applicable concepts to any study or phenomenon
o Examine thoughts and concepts and consider some relation among all of them
o Assess a judgment, point of view or a specific way of doing any work related to the study
o Develop some new ideas and points according to a specific topic or issue

Problems related to assignments

If you know about what an assignment is and you are motivated enough to write an assignment, the next work you should be doing is to write an assignment. But, there are many limitations and problems while writing. These problems can often occur as a lack of knowledge of the subject, on which you are writing. References can also be a problem because many students don’t know the way to refer something to a particular person. Another problem is plagiarism. Students often find it difficult to complete any entire assignment on their own, so they just do some cheating and copy it from others. Another reason for plagiarism is the lack of all skills in English. They can’t get to write what they have to. So, they use the method of plagiarism. Students can also feel much difficulty in the words to use. They often use “describe”, “analyze”, “apply” and “synthesis” as the same words without knowing the difference. It can lead to a problem which can confuse your readers and they don’t give any good grades to you. Lack of English Proficiency can also be a problem. Students are not proficient in writing good English and it can lead to problems like Grammar, Spelling, Taxonomy, and Applying Marks. The deficiency of proper knowledge about a specific subject can also be a problem. Some professors even make easy topics difficult for the students to understand.
It can be a problem for the students to write about everything with these problems involved in their assignments writing.

How to write a good assignment

If you are looking for tips and tricks that can help you to write a good assignment, you can follow the following rules:

 Examine the focus
 Investigating and note-taking
 Setting up the assignment
 Writing the assignment
 Editing your assignmenthow to write an assignment

If you follow these rules, it is very much possible for you to write a good assignment. They can also help you to gain good grades and make your university-level easy. In colleges, assignments can often be helpful as they are given as dissertations in the universities. So, if you are ready to write a good assignment, it can be pretty easy for you to write a good dissertation.

Examine the focus

Examining the focus can help you be motivated and then get started. You must know the topic on which you are going to write. You must not waste your time and efforts on extra work such as doing unwanted research and wasting your time to be perfect in that particular topic. You must be perfect in writing a good assignment.
You must recognize the topic of the assignment first and then think all about the knowledge you know about that topic. You must check about how many marks your assignment carried in the final exams and how much worth is on the assignment. Besides, you can follow these rules:

o You can investigate the amount of time you have to give to the assignment. It will be helpful for you to save your time and invest your time in something useful.
o You can consider the marking preference of your teacher and then write your assignment as per the marking list. If your teacher is giving you marks depending on the length, then you can make your assignment a bit lengthy. But, if the preference of your teacher is the validity of the assignment, your assignment can be short but you must take care of the references and the available information on that topic.
o You must think a lot about the way you will write your assignment and what to prepare for your assignment. You can consider research work, study, writing drafts, the checking of references, and the editing of the different informational works. All these can help you to choose a good topic and to think about a lot on your assignment.
o As there is a deadline for every work, you can divide different times until your deadline in different works. If your deadline is one week, you can think about your topic on the first day and collect references. On the second day, you can investigate something about your assignment and prepare notes. On the third day, you can set up your assignment. This can involve collecting everything and then putting them in harmony. On the fourth day, you can write your assignment. On the fifth day, you can review your assignment and check if there are any problem and mistake with it. In this way, you can complete your assignment in just five days and for the rest of the two days, you can enjoy some fun.

Investigating and note-taking

If you are about to answer a question, first of all, you need to know about what it means and what it has to do in your work. You must fully investigate all the facts related to the assignment and then mark them as important or not. You must read the topic first and carefully investigate all the possible questions that can be related to it. You can ask yourself the following questions:

o What is the question about?
o Why is it important?
o What can I give as the answer to the question?
o What can I do about it?

If you can note all these facts, you can easily make sure that your assignment is known to you.
The next work that you have to do is to take notes. You can collect every possible answer to the question and then make some notes about them. This can be easy if you are persistent in writing a good assignment. You can:

o Find about the words and terminologies which you can use in your assignment
o Check what different words mean and what is the purpose of their use in your assignment
o Test out some title words that can give you knowledge about the assignment and make your assignment easy to understand
o Try to come across some limiting words which can make it easy for you to end your assignment

You should be trying to make your assignment easy for you to understand by your teachers. This can be only possible if you are making your assignment understandable by you.

Setting up the assignment

Setting up the assignment can help you to make a structure about everything which can be useful for you in writing your assignment. You can set up your assignment as a broad structure and then make it easy for you to write an assignment. While setting up the assignment, you must not forget about the entire marking list, examine the point of your teacher and the easy to understand the point. You can follow these rules:

o The introduction of the assignment must be 10% of the whole.
o The discussion of the assignment must be 80% of the whole.
o The conclusion of the assignment must be 10% of the whole.

You can set up your assignment in this way as most assignments require you to be good at making divisions among different parts.

Write your assignment

Once you have found all about your assignment and also set up how you are going to write it, you should start writing your assignment. You can follow these rules while writing an assignment:

o You can take your important points from the notes and then write to them.
o You should be writing freely without worrying.
o You must first keep the conclusion in your mind. It will help you to notice the way you are going to write.
o You can find the introduction difficult to write. So, you can write it in the end.
o You must not waste your time on the first page, as it can change after writing the conclusion.
o You must add things that make sense and go with the logic.
o You should provide a fine-tune to your writing and make sure that your writing flows well.
o You must keep copies of your previous works as you can need them in other works.
o You should add references as it will allow your teacher to think about the research you conducted while writing the assignment.

Editing your assignment

After writing the assignment, you must not forget to re-read it and then edit it from different angles. You must not forget to make your mind relaxed before editing. You can consider that you are going to check the assignment of a sincere friend. So, you must make it good.

o Think of the fact that whether you have given answers to all the important questions and written about the important topics.
o The structure must be good enough to be understood.
o The title page, introduction, discussion, conclusion, and the reference list should be beautifully added.
o The content must be arranged as per the logic.
o It must be in harmony to be read from the beginning to the end.
o You must know the source which you are using and the words must be easy.
o The assignment should be well-presented.
o The grammar, punctuation, and spelling should be correct.
o The English language used must be able to be presented.
o The pages must be numbered.
o Don’t forget to add your name, student ID, assignment details, and date on each page.
o You can ask a family member to read your assignment and mark it.
o You can print the assignment and make sure to read it one more time before presenting it to your teacher.

These are some simple methods that can help you to create a good assignment and make it easy for you to gain good grades in assignments.

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